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DHL Logo PDF Extraction

“Its been a pleasure working with HGVC. The whole process has been effective from the initial contact to the candidates passing. Thank you!”

Fleet and Compliance Manager

DHL is the world’s leading contract logistics provider. Combining value-added and management services with traditional fulfilment and distribution, our customised, integrated logistics solutions drive efficiency, improve quality and provide a competitive advantage.

DHL decided to provide upskilling training to its current staff to meet the demands of its ever-growing customer base and the company opted to outsource to a specialist training company after realising that in-house HGV licence acquisition was too complex and difficult to manage on its own.

  • More and more HGV vacancies were being created
  • Traditional recruitment paths were failing to find the right candidates
  • DHL’s growth strategy was impacted by a lack of available staff
  • The lack of efficiency in their driver training programme led DHL to lose confidence in their existing provider

Before starting our working relationship, we conducted a detailed investigation to determine exactly what was inefficient about DHL’s existing driver training programme.

The following issues were subsequently highlighted:

  • They weren’t using a centralised supplier
  • They were booking training individually and through different suppliers
  • There was a huge variance in price depending on which centre was being used

This streamlined DHL’s communications and overall workload, allowing them to place much-needed focus on other aspects of DHL’s core business.’

We implemented and managed a standardised process that allowed us to do the following:

  • Communication lines were established between HGVC and DHL, with automatic monthly reports being provided
  • Centralised control of an amalgamation of suppliers was achieved, reducing costs significantly
  • A standardised price point was set that fits within DHL’s budget constraints

The First stage of implementation was the onboarding process, which involved us sending in a number of our representatives in order to fully understand DHL’s processes. This cemented the relationship between key parts of the booking process, as well as allowing both parties to fully understand what was required.

Within a week, we were running the programme, achieving almost immediate, tangible results. HGVC received the first group of 19 drivers from DHL, with all 19 being successfully booked in.

We followed this up with monthly reports and a quarterly review of the business.


Since our working relationship began, we have seen the following results:

  • DHL’s first-time pass rate has risen to 73%
  • The company are now finding it easier to locate recruits who require HGV training
  • DHL now has an increased ability to win new contracts, as they are able to effectively plan and consequently produce qualified drivers more quickly
  • The time it takes to complete training has been reduced by 70%, with an average completion time of just 11 weeks.

During the process, DHL has learnt that having a single supplier managing the system, shortens the process considerably. It also allows DHL to get drivers trained more efficiently, therefore allowing them to grow their business and meet demand when required.

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