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All drivers are exposed to risk. We can help manage that risk.


Our online driver risk assessments – provided by our partner, DriveTech – identify drivers that are exposed to higher on-road risks within your business. Refresher training manages that risk by offering e-Learning modules and on-road training to address individual driver needs.

Online Driving Assessments

Online driver risk assessments are a highly efficient low-cost means to assessing high-risk driver behaviour. Assessments cover:

  • Concentration, Anticipation, Observation
  • Driving behaviour and attitude
  • Highway Code knowledge
  • Driver history
  • Driver profile

What next?

  • Assessment results instantly provide company and driver risk levels
  • Results can be viewed online by managers, drivers and instructors
  • Drivers are offered e-Learning modules based on risk areas

10-Minute Training Modules

Our bitesize e-Learning modules address driver risk areas. Each 10-minute module is tailored to individual driver needs based on the answers they provided for the online assessment.

Problems are addressed and minimised by targeting the driver’s high-risk behaviour.

We use interactive gamification techniques to create modules which are engaging, visual and easy to remember.

The e-Learning programme can be extended with 2-minute refresher micro-modules for up to three years if necessary.

On-road Driving Courses for Maximum Impact

For drivers that require more attention, we offer on-road courses to improve safety and performance.

These courses improve driver confidence and reinforce self-evaluation. They consider the psychology of driving and its impact on driver behaviour and personal risk.

These courses are informative, useful, engaging and fun for drivers. They will complete the course with new skills and techniques.

We recommend this maximum impact course for drivers who have been identified as high risk.

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