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We can transform your driver training programme


We transform driver training programmes, managing the whole process seamlessly and effectively, from initial checks and on-boarding to preparing a training summary with results, analysis and recommendations for improvements.

Onboarding Candidates

Arranging Driver’s Medical

Theory & Hazard Perception Training

Organising Schedules Between Multiple Parties

Liaising With DVSA For Test Availability

In-Cab Practical Training

Dealing With The Unexpected

Reporting & Continuous Improvement

Innovative Client Portal

Our innovative portal provides you with a platform for submitting new training orders, as well as a place where managers and training coordinators can gain a wealth of information on the training programme.

  • The portal has a dashboard, providing you with an overview of your entire programme
  • You can view all your drivers in one place and see where they currently sit within the training programme
  • You can delve into individual candidate records and get real-time updates on their progress
  • The system is cloud-based and accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Support staff are on-call during business hours to provide assistance


Full Accountability

As the UK’s largest provider of licence acquisition programmes, we are trusted by companies across the country to remove the burden from training. Our experience and expertise helps us craft solutions that allow our clients to focus on growth and delivery of their services, leaving the hard work to us.

We are continually expanding our network of training centres to make sure we can cover the whole UK, while performing regular, robust audits to ensure we never sacrifice our high standards. Our client portal is easy to use, accessible from anywhere and provide valuable real-time information on trainees–and it’s fully GDPR compliant.

Data Driven Decisions

Since our foundation, HGVC has compiled an enormous amount of valuable data on our network of HGV training centres. With our training centres directly linked into our CRM system, we have full visibility of scheduling, pass rates and instructors. We also collect data from DSA examination centres to ensure that we are able to optimise the experience for our clients.

The data we collect allows us to:

  • Optimise pass rates
  • Minimise course completion times
  • Reduce travel times
  • Ensure candidates are paired with the best-fit instructors
  • Ensure vehicles are in the best condition
  • Track instructor history across centres

Management of Our Centres

We have a dedicated supplier team responsible for on-boarding, managing and auditing all the training centres in our network, ensuring our service is always of the highest quality. You can rest assured that the training your drivers are receiving is second to none.

Carbon Neutral Training

HGVC is the only provider in the United Kingdom to offer carbon neutral training through our partnership with More:Trees. They’ll plant a tree on our behalf for every training course undertaken, which will off-set any carbon created by the vehicles used during the training and illustrate our commitment to protecting our precious natural environments.

Each tree will absorb roughly 0.3 tonnes of carbon-dioxide (CO2) and during one of our training courses, around 75-90kg of CO2 is created. Because of this, we’re confident that we’ll actually be working in a carbon-negative way, meaning that we’ll be helping to eliminate more CO2 than we’re producing.

That’s not the only benefit to nature either, as the extra trees that are planted will enhance our natural spaces and create brand new habitats for wildlife. This in turn helps to increase biodiversity and the number of pollinators that are so vital to plant life.

About Us

HGVC was founded in 2012 with the goal of delivering market-leading HGV licence acquisition programs for individuals and businesses. Since then we have established ourselves as the leading provider of commercial vehicle training in the UK, delivering over 12,000 courses over the past five years.

We understand the individual needs of HR and Learning & Development Professionals, Transport Managers, Compliance, Procurement and Training Co-ordinators and we constantly keep abreast of regulations and legislation affecting the industry. We understand the pressures large organisations face – to provide accurate budgets, work with tight cost controls in place and to have up to date information on candidate progress – and have developed systems, tools and live reporting to address these issues.

Our methodology has been perfected through years of experience managing large licence acquisition programmes across a range of clients. We’re able to leverage that experience, along with the data that we’ve gained, to learn about the key issues facing the industry.

Our clients love the service we provide and we’re confident you will too.

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