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HGVC offers Periodic CPC courses for individual drivers and teams, with training available online or on site at your premises. We have a suite of five JAUPT approved modules and can design courses around your business needs to ensure you always stay compliant.

The driver CPC qualification improves the knowledge and skills of professional LGV and PCV drivers throughout their working life, giving them the tools to remain safe and compliant on the road.

Every employee who wishes to drive professionally needs 35 hours of JAUPT approved CPC training to keep their Driver’s Qualification Card valid. While drivers are responsible for gathering all the necessary qualifications and training to meet their driver CPC requirements, employers must keep a record of their drivers’ training and further training requirements to ensure their fleet is compliant and protect themselves from liability.

HGVC is the trusted, reliable leader in driver CPC training: you won’t find a provider that combines enthusiasm for driver training with expertise, knowledge , and thorough approach to professional driver development. In addition to keeping you compliant, we focus on delivering a great candidate experience and courses with a guaranteed return on investment.


Local Training Centres

We have the largest number of training centres in the UK, so we can guarantee there’ll be a driver CPC training course your drivers can easily attend, even if you work across multiple locations.

On-site Training

We also offer on-site training, in which one of our highly skilled trainers will come to your business and train your drivers. This flexible options allows you to choose the modules and location most suited to your needs, to train your drivers on your on terms.. And if you don’t have an on-site training room available, we can hire one in your area to make things easier.

Tailored Solutions

We build partnerships with transport operators to offer a tailored driver CPC writing service that meets your business needs, both on the road and in the classroom. We never cut corners with our CPC training and we believe we have the best and most inspiring trainers in the business.

Online Portal

For large-scale CPC programmes, you’ll have access to your very own online portal to add drivers and monitor their progress. Our portal allows us to keep track of your drivers’ DQC, remind you when courses need to be taken, and even provide automated course booking so your drivers’ DQC is never allowed to lapse.

Our Driver CPC Courses

We have a selection of five JAUPT approved, seven-hour classroom based training courses. All our driver CPC courses contain interactive team exercises, films and case studies. We offer the following expertly tailored courses:

Driver First Aid in an Emergency (CRS14599/2347)

The Driver First Aid in an Emergency course covers:

  • How LGV drivers can reduce casualties at the scene of a road traffic collision (RTC)
  • Understand the role of the first aider and the importance of basic hygiene in first aid procedures
  • Assess a situation and respond safely and promptly to an emergency
  • Administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, as well as first aid to an unconscious casualty and to a casualty who is wounded, bleeding, suffering from shock or choking

Drivers Hours, Tachographs, Records & Enforcement (CRS14600/2347)

The Drivers Hours, Tachographs, Records & Enforcement course covers:

  • The key legislation (including drivers hours rules and regulations and the Working Time Directive)
  • The history of these regulations, understanding penalties, records and breaks,
  • A host of secondary objectives including manual entries, daily driving limits, other duties, periods of availability, breaks and much more

Driver Welfare (CRS14601/2347)

The Driver Welfare course covers:

  • The health and fitness issues that can affect LGV drivers
  • The steps taken to recognise and reduce the chance of medical conditions developing, and be informed about how to remain healthy, safe and compliant
  • Understanding the effects of drugs, alcohol and fatigue on the road, appreciating that others may be suffering around them, and being able to assist others and point them in the direction of professional help

Safer Urban Driving (CRS14602/2347)

The Safer Urban Driving course covers:

  • How LGV drivers can share our streets with other road users, with emphasis on manoeuvrability problems, observation difficulties and cyclist vulnerability
  • Sharing the road with all vulnerable road user groups
  • Hazard perception and anticipating other road users

Customer Service (half course) (CRS14603/2347)

The customer service module:

  • Helps drivers understand the importance of customer service and the basic behaviour expected of them on the road
  • Highlights company image and how it is affected by the standard of service a driver provides
  • Covers how to deal with various stakeholders, vehicle maintenance, organisation and the commercial and financial impacts of a dispute


Safe Loading (half course) (CRS14603/2347)

The safe loading module:

  • Explains why load securing and planning is important and provides an overview of the basics of load securing and the responsibilities for securing a load
  • Demonstrates the consequences of poor load securing
  • Outlines enforcement and how to load different types of vehicles

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