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Igloo Thermo Logistics

How Igloo Thermo Logistics Uses HGVC to Overcome Driver Shortages and Exceed Customer Expectations.

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“HGVC also provided weekly reporting to update our team on the progress for each delegate, so we always had full visibility of where candidates were on their training journey and when we could get them started on our own internal training.”

Leeds General Manager and Group Fleet Manager

Following a successful trial working with leading chilled distributors for additional bulk refrigeration work, Igloo Thermo Logistics was aware that there would be a significant requirement for HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers to deliver the service.

  • Owing to a serious shortage of heavy goods drivers-illustrated at the time by an estimated 75,000 UK vacancies-recruiting enough trained operators between confirmation of the successful tender and the go-live date was going to prove challenging.
  • Igloo needed a more cost-effective and efficient way to ensure they had enough drivers to meet demand and could offer upskilling existing workforce.
  • Therefore, in tandem with a campaign offering new recruits the chance to train as a heavy goods driver, Igloo Thermo Logistics also extended an invitation to their existing staff to add an HGV licence to their skillsets.
  • And to help them in this process, they turned to specialist HGV training company HGVC.
The Solution
  • Owing to the potentially negative impact of heavy goods driver shortages on the UK economy, the Government introduced several changes to simplify the process involved in securing an HGV licence at the end of 2021.
  • One of the key provisions in these changes was the introduction of Skills Bootcamps, an initiative designed to help deliver high-quality driver training for companies and individuals to fast-track the closing of this key skills gap.
  • To help resolve their driver shortage, Igloo partnered with HGVC to oversee their entire training programme and, crucially, guide them in maximising available government subsidies to minimise the impact on the bottom line.
  • Thanks to HGVC s internal training co-ordinator team, who communicate regularly via text, phone and e-mail, Igloo had full visibility into the entire process, with a clear understanding of time frames, next steps and where each driver was on their training journey.
The Results
  • The most significant outcome for the partnership between Igloo Thermo Logistics and HGVC was of course the increased supply of HGV drivers for the new contract.
  • Which, thanks to HGVC s guidance on securing government subsidies for driver training, came in at less than a third of the usual cost of HGV training.
  • This influx of qualified drivers enabled Igloo Thermo Logistics to start the new contract in time and on a firm footing.
  • But as well as saving money, outsourcing the entire project to HGVC also paid dividends in terms of time and meant that the Igloo team were able to focus on the many other practical, technical, and financial demands placed on them by a large-scale service ramp up.
  • The new contract is now up and running and HGVC are proud to have partnered with Igloo and played a part in keeping their HGV operation rolling.
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