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Kelly Group

How Kelly Group Uses HGVC to Save 70% on Their Driver Training Programme.

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“HGVC’s Skills Bootcamp scheme has truly transformed our approach to addressing staff shortages. The programme not only provided us with a cost effective solution but also delivered outstanding results. We highly recommend HGVC and their innovative approach to tackling workforce challenges.”

Kelly Prichard
Kelly Fleet Services
  • With 2,500-plus vehicles, Kelly Group manages and maintains fleet services nationally, both internally and for external clients.
  • A fleet of this size requires a large number of drivers and, with natural turnover and expansion in mind, ongoing HGV licence training is required to ensure the driver base meets their growing needs.
  • Kelly Group was experiencing a shortage of HGV staff for their day-to-day operations, which caused challenges in managing transportation services for the Group’s and their clients’ activities.
  • With a requirement to train staff to drive their fleet of 2,500+ vehicles, costs were high.
  • A shortage of drivers led to increased pressure on existing staff due to longer response times for essential services.

Kelly Group utilised the HGV Skills Bootcamp scheme to facilitate cost-effective HGV licence acquisition, enabling more candidates to obtain licences without financial strain. This approach aimed to boost driver numbers and mitigate operational impacts of staff shortages. With a surge in qualified drivers, Kelly Group confidently expanded contractual work, satisfying client demands. HGVC managed the training process, alleviating stress on Kelly Group’s training team and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • 89 employees trained by HGVC.
  • 17 drivers trained as part of the HGV Skills Bootcamp scheme over the past two years.
  • Saved 70% – over £60,000 – on training costs by leveraging the Bootcamp scheme.
  • Upskilling employees improved service capability, enhancing flexibility during peak
  • The organisation’s use of the HGV Skills Bootcamp scheme ensures a cost-effective
    approach to professional development for Kelly Group employees.
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