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How the UK’s Leading Transport Infrastructure Provider Uses HGVC to Save Over £270,000 on Their Driver Training.


“Completing my HGV licence allowed me to assist in the winter/fleet operations and gain valuable experience outside of my normal role. Previously I was involved with looking after stock and plant, so this really helped to broaden my horizons. I was able to acquire new skills and to better my career opportunities. The course was very informative, and I liked that the CPC training was completed in one week instead of being too spaced out. I gained an invaluable HGV licence so I can now assist with work outside of my original role to open new career opportunities and give me access to a higher wage. I’m very pleased with myself for achieving my licence, which has boosted my confidence, and will help me on my career path.”

Trainee driver

The Ringway management team decided to upskill its current staff to meet their demands and the company opted to outsource to specialist training company HGVC, for a fully managed service making use of the HGV Skills Bootcamp funding available from the UK Government.

  • Shortage of HGV staff for winter fleet operations caused challenges in managing transportation services during colder months.
  • Lack of available personnel with winter driving expertise led to difficulties in ensuring smooth fleet operations, especially in regions prone to adverse weather.
  • Consequences include increased pressure on existing staff, longer response times for essential services, and higher accident risks on icy or snowy roads.
  • Urgent need for qualified staff prompts proactive measures to address the issue and mitigate its impact on transportation services.
  • Communication lines were opened between Ringway’s training teams and HGVC to tackle the HGV staff shortage for winter fleet operations.
  • HGVC presented its Bootcamp programme to Ringway, highlighting its benefits, including cost effectiveness.
  • Candidates could obtain their HGV licence through HGVC at 30% of the normal cost to the business, making it an affordable option.
  • This solution aimed to increase the number of qualified candidates and minimize the impact of the staff shortage on Ringway’s operations.
  • 74 Ringway drivers have been trained to date.
  • The business has saved over £270,000.
  • Training efforts led to an increased supply of specialised HGV drivers for winter and fleet operations, benefiting Ringway and its clients.
  • Ringway confidently took on more contractual work, meeting client demands effectively with the influx of qualified drivers.
  • Collaboration with HGVC relieved the training team of managing complex aspects, allowing focus on core business operations.
  • This streamlined approach enhanced the training team’s efficiency and productivity, leading to improved overall performance in winter/fleet operations.
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