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Now in its third year, with more than 5,000 courses delivered, HGVC continues to offer training as part of the HGV Skills Bootcamp – Part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee.

Department for education
Skills for life

For Individuals

If you’re an individual looking to train via the HGV Bootcamps, please note that this scheme is currently full. Please submit your details, and we’ll notify you about future availability.

for businesses

For businesses seeking to upskill employees through the HGV Skills Bootcamp, please get in touch. We offer 70% or 90% subsidies depending on the size of the company.

*90% subsidies available for SMEs. 70% subsidies are available for enterprise level businesses

There are three training pathways available:

Novice to Category C

Novice to Category C+E (Direct Access)

Category C to Category C+E (Upgrade)

Our Bootcamp courses include everything your employees need to get their licence:

  • Medical
  • Module 1: Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception training and test
  • Module 2: Initial CPC Theory training and test (Case Studies)
  • Module 3: 20- or 32- hour practical training course in a Cat C or C+E vehicle
  • Module 4: Initial CPC Practical training and test
  • Practical 3a and 3b tests

A retest for each
module is included

PLUS, three highly useful, instructor-led webinars are included:

Indicative Timeline

At HGVC, we understand that navigating the complex process of securing funding for training can be time-consuming and confusing. That’s why we manage the funding application on your behalf, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your business without worrying about filling out complicated forms.

Our scheme is designed to equip your employees with all the essential training they need to drive an HGV.
The programme is designed to fit around your employees’ schedules and work commitments, ensuring minimum disruption to your business operations.

Acceptance & funding requirements

  • The Learner is required to be away from your business for the Medical (a couple of hours), the Theory Tests (half-day), the Mod 3 Practical Training & Test (5 or 7 days) and the Mod 4 Practical Training & Test (half-day)
  • The 30% portion of the funding, payable by your organisation, must be paid up-front
  • You can provide a confirmation (by email to your Account Manager) at the end of the candidate’s journey that they have been promoted into an HGV driver role or simply that they will be using their newly acquired licence in their existing role. This email should include the employee’s job title (with the class of vehicle) and, where possible, the employee’s salary.

Ringway Case Study


Ringway, responsible for maintaining over 43,300km of the UK’s highway network, faced a challenge with a shortage of HGV staff for winter fleet operations. This led to difficulties in managing transportation services during adverse weather conditions. To address this, Ringway collaborated with HGVC, leveraging the HGV Skills Bootcamp funding.

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